Multiplatform, Multidevice, Multipurpose

Our solutions are turn-key services and are designed by experts in the snow and adventure sports fields.

Multi-language, multidevice and multiplatform services, developed using standard technologies, guarantee to maximize your audience, independent of the type of device used to access it; computer, tablet,  mobile phone, virtual reality glasses…

Tech4snow also provides the complete maintenance and the integration of these solutions with the existing information systems already implemented in your company as well as the winter/summer versions to help you to deseasonalise your business.

In short, everything needed to guarantee a solid and scalable service with solutions that give a 360 degree coverage.

interactive 3d map
interactive 3d map
interactive 3d map

Interactive 3D Map

A format that presents your resort in a realistic, attractive context and is easy to use. This format is perfect for planning a visit to the resort as well as for checking its current state, thanks to the possibility of locating specific positions, to consult the state of the slopes, the weather forecast, to watch the live webcams. This Map is available from the navigator of any updated device without additional plugins because it uses a WebGL standard technology.

interactive 3d map
interactive 2d map

Interactive 2D Map

Tech4snow provides a similar solution to the Interactive 3D Map with the same features but simplifying the navigation through a moving map in two dimensions.

2D Map to print

A traditional format for resort maps that comes from an actual projection and the elements represented in the resort area but with an more accurate and versatile outcome generated in a vectorial format and reproducible without scale limit. Contact Tech4snow to get other formats of the printed map like the resort “Trail Map”, orthogonal view, etc.

2d map print
3d mapa print

3D Map to print

The printed map in three dimensions will be useful to increase your profit because it can be sold as a merchandising product of the resort. The map is available in rigid format or in flexible rubber format. A nice souvenir and an original way to advertise your resort- Contact Tech4snow to create other merchandising products from your resort map.

Export and import data in other formats

The Tech4snow Map allows converting resort data to other formats that can be used in other map technologies such as Google (Maps/Earth), as well as data importation from typical GPS device formats.

export and import data in other formats

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